Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Noelle!!

Happy Birthday Noelle!

She actually was taking the onions off the pizza and eating it!  :)

Birthday Cake made by Mommy

She's in full force mode here!!

Most of her birthday gifts - so blessed!

Happy Girl!!

Cake time - preparing to blow out her candles!!

The best way to end the party - cake!!

Okay, so I've been lagging in bloggy world a tadbit, but I thought the pictures before update would help win you over :)  This little precious gift from above and her older siblings, keeps this mommy hopping with little free time!  I'll try to do better for everyone :)

Our precious little Noelle turned 3 on Christmas Eve!  We were so elated to have her home with us to celebrate her special day and love on her :)  We decided to have a Birthday Party on her actual birthday - we had a pizza party!!  Both sets of grandparents came, as well as some aunts and uncles - it was a good time.  When it came time to open her birthday presents, she started out meticulously openning each gift being neat and tidy, then she got into the hang of it all and was full force!  She was well prepared to unwrap gifts the following day for Christmas! 

Mommy made her a special Kai Lan birthday cake, she even blew out the candles too!! 

In the last eight months, we've been so blessed by this little one.  Everyday is full of suprises and lots of hugs and snuggles.  So happy she's finally home, last year at this time Mommy was missing her something awful!!

Happy Birthday precious Noelle Grace!!  Mommy, Daddy, big brother and big sister love you so much!!

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