Friday, November 18, 2011

Noelle Updates

We have finally got some pig tails!!

Mommy and Noelle showing off the new piggies!  Yay!

Big sis teaching little sis ballet - so sweet!!
Little Noelle is growing so fast and learning so much each and everyday!  We've even got a good start on the potty training, hoping by Christmas to have it down pat for sure!  We've had a few off days because of our crazy schedule - she does well when we are fully into our structured routine during the daytime. 

We are off to see the Christmas parade in the town I grew up in and the kids are so excited, as we try to go every year but this year is extra special because we get to share it with Noelle too!

We'll try to post some from the parade and our tree going up tomorrow - she's probably going to wonder why on earth is there a tree in our house!  Love it!!

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