Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Noelle's Re-Adoption Day!

I have so much to catch up on in blogging land...  Hopefully, soon I'll get caught up.  However, I will share with you today's special occassion!  We had a court date set for today bright and early to re-adopt Noelle in the State of Ohio!  While our adoption was finalized in China, this makes it seem so much more special :0)
We shared the special day with her siblings and both sets of grandparents, which was special because we really wished they could have been with us during our trip to China - but now they got to partake in a special day we'll always remember.

Big bro and big sis - really they were happy just tired from having to get up so early :)

Patiently waiting playing with her panda bear - one of her favorite!

The anxiously awaiting grandparents - somehow Grandpa Pahls was missing I think he was the photographer!

It's final Noelle Grace Si Ye Pahls is officially a Pahls - again :)

Celebration lunch at TGIF - Mommy & one of her favorite girls!

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