Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Year Ago Today....

Today marks a year when we first saw her precious face!  I can hardly believe it's been a year, where does the time go?  I remember all the waiting for our precious girl seemed like forever.

So one of the very first pictures of her.... 

I didn't want to get emotionally attached, as I needed to talk to my husband and we also wanted to meet with the International Specialist at Children's Hospital to go through her medical file. I felt the presence of the Lord in the meeting with the doctor and I had a warm feeling of peace about this daughter of ours. We thought some more and prayed about it and got back with our agency that very next afternoon. We locked her file and 9 days later we heard from China she was approved to be in our family!

Playing all relaxed on the chair!

Watch out Hollywood!
Yesterday we celebrated 5 months since Gotcha Day, wow!  Amazing, this little girl is simply a blessing from above.  I love to hear the little voice of hers making noises while she plays, learning new words and the constant "Mommy look" I get everyday - priceless!   She's a typical 2 year old that just needed a loving family to give her unconditional love and support.  So thankful that she's home with her forever family!

- Heather

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