Friday, June 3, 2011

Visiting the Zoo!

Last weekend we had a busy, yet fun weekend!  We spent more time bonding as a family and decided to take in the beautiful weather and enjoy a day at the zoo.  It was absolutely gorgeous weather! 

We took our wagon for the older two to ride in and the stroller for Noelle and we are so glad we did that!  It made it so much more enjoyable for everyone and we got to stay at the zoo for a longer time than we normally would because the kids weren't overly tired.

This was a "first" for Noelle, visiting the zoo!  She loved it!  I foresee future visits this summer!!  She also LOVED the carousel, the little giggle of delight and grin from ear to ear was priceless.  I just wanted to cry out of pure happiness for her. 

Cute little kiddos!!


Mommy and her kids

Where is the tiger???

Daddy and the kids

 Petting zoo with big brother

Looking at the silly baby gorillas playing

Mr. Handsome!

Beautiful Princess!

Another Beautiful Princess!


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