Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Soccer Updates - Last Game and Award Ceremony

What a busy week and it's only Tuesday!  This past Saturday we enjoyed the kiddos last soccer game for the season and that evening they had an awards ceremony - too cute!   After the ceremony, we met up with the Galaxy team for some ice cream celebration - can I say yummo to Gypsy Joe's!  Oh, how I miss my hometown!! 

Go Savannah go!!  First goal for the season!!

I didn't think she's really interested in the whole soccer thing, but she wants us to sign her up next year :0)  That makes this momma so happy!  We're going to have a super busy schedule coming this fall too!  She's also starting Ballet classes - she can't wait to be the ballerina!  My baby girl is growing up way too fast!!

Big bro watching his sister and cheering her on!
Of course, we are equally proud of our handsome son too!  He's done an awesome job this year playing with it being his second year.  The last game they were short quite a bit of team players, so he had to play the whole game and he did fantastic!!  Way to go Christian!!  Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you too!!  This fall, we are hoping to sign Christian up for some Karate - so watch out for some Karate action!

Enjoy the ceremony pics - sorry not the best quality!

Galaxy Team!

Celtics Team!

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