Friday, June 24, 2011

Prayer Request

Please keep a special group of folks in your prayers for the next couple of weeks.  They are leaving the USA today and heading to China to work at the orphanage that Noelle lived for the past two years.  These folks are leaving the comfort of their homes, A/C, and ice-cold water - they are going to work at the orphanage and show their love of Jesus through their work at the orphanage and loving on all the babies!   Our family hopes to join this group someday in the future.

Through emails, my husband and I have got to know a few a these dear ladies that actually spent precious time holding, snuggling and loving on Noelle.  The last couple of years feel like such a void of what her little life was like, but know we have a little glimpse of her orphanage life thanks to these wonderful Godly women.  Later this summer, we are going to actually meet these dear women!  I can't wait for them to see Noelle!

6/2009 - 5 months old

6/2010 - 17 months old

Please remember to keep this precious group in your prayers daily, they have a special place in our hearts and always will!


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  1. Thanks for your prayers, Heather!!! It was such a huge joy to love on Noelle in Heng Feng and we can't wait to see you all in a few weeks!!!