Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wonderful Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all!  We had a wonderful day as a family today.  We first started off with church this morning.  We had Noelle dedicated this morning at our church and it just also happened to be Mother's Day too, which made it that much more special.  We then got to celebrate with both Grandmas and Great Grandma by going to Olive Garden for lunch, what a special treat!! 

Here's some pictures of today, enjoy!! 

Baby Dedication Sunday - all the families

This is what appeared on the screen when they annouced Noelle's name

During service, the older two enjoying Paul Wilbur leading worship and the dancers!
Awesome time of praise and worship!

Noelle was really enjoying the music and dancers, we were trying to capture her excitment but as soon as Mr. camera comes out we never get to capture it. 

So cute, she was clapping her hands and everything!!  Love it!!

Big sis practicing the dance moves of the dancers, quite impressive!! 
Can't wait to sign her up for ballet this coming Fall!

One of my favorites, 
Daddy hand in hand with his baby girl walking the halls at church!


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