Monday, May 23, 2011

A Weekend of Fun!

We've been having fun this weekend!  We were thankful for decent weather so we can get outside and play for a little bit, as we've been getting a lot of rain here.  So the kids were very happy about being outside to play!

Noelle has started pedaling her little tricycle, of course I don't have a photo yet!  Everytime we are out front to ride bikes, I never have my camera.  I promise to be more prepared for the next biking adventure :0)  Our furry son, Oliver, turned the big 9 on Friday!  The kids love to celebrate his birthday, so we decided to make him homemade birthday doggie biscuits and got him a few toys.  Saturday was pretty warm here, so I suprised the kids with getting the sprinkler out!  They had a blast and Noelle loved it too!  While she didn't get too close, she still loved playing around in the water - too cute! 

This weekend Mommy went on a "girls night out" to see Chonda Pierce!  We had a grand time and the kiddos did fantastic while I was away.  I wasn't worried about the older two as much as I was for Noelle, but she did great for Daddy!  I needed a good chuckle, so this was a nice treat for me!! 

We also got a chance to celebrate with Grandma Pahls on her birthday too!  A complete weekend of fun!  The best kind of weekend!

Enjoy the photos!!

The kiddos helping Oliver unwrap his gifts - spoiled beagle!

Cutie pie!!

Kiddos out playing and having fun!!


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