Friday, May 6, 2011

Noelle's One Month Anniversary!

Today marks exactly one month to the day that Noelle was placed in our arms and will have a forever family.  She came to us as a scared, yet brave little girl.  She grieved most of the time at night, but was willing to trust us for her care and love - something she's never known, an abundant love of a mother, father and family.

While it's still early of the transition, she's transitioning amazingly!  She has quickly learned to voice her opinion with her siblings and is full of life!!  She's our little explorer and helper.  She's always wanting to help her Mommy with little things.  This is a photo of her exploring our front yard with her first popsicle.  She's changed so much in just a month, I can only imaging how the next few months to a year will see more changes yet to come.  We've been so blessed with this precious, sweet little girl!! 

- Heather

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