Monday, May 2, 2011

Home 2 Weeks Now!

This past Saturday marked us being home for 2 weeks.  That time has surley flown by for us!  She's showing us more and more of her true colors everyday.  This past weekend, we had beautiful weather and the kids got to play outside for the whole day!  Noelle just loves playing outside!  She gets upset and performs a little 2 year old temper tantrum when it's time to come in.  She's also had a lot of "firsts" this weekend.
    First Twizzler - not sure about this one yet
    Aww!  The soft bunny!
    Kids at Easter in their Easter best!
    Time to color!
    LOVING my rocking horse!
    Little Sister in Big Sister shoes!  She didn't want to take them off!
    First Soccer Game - Is it over yet, momma?
    Whee!  LOVES her swing!!
    100% adorable!
    Popsicle break - first time with popsicles!
    Checking out the front yard!  Quite the explorer!
    First corn on the cob - love her style of eating it!!
  • Swinging on the baby swing (she's just too little for the big boy/big girl swing yet)
  • Running in the yard with sissy
  • Sliding down the slide at home (she did this at Guangzhou a few times, but it was so busy there we were afraid she'd get trampled over)
  • She actually blew her own bubbles (we did this in China but she was more interested in the bottle of solution)
  • She attempted the tricycle and I'm thinking we'll have that down pat here shortly!
  • First popsicle!
  • First corn on the cob (with an interesting way of eating it!)
  • First soccer games to watch of big brother and big sister!
She's such a joy and we are majorly blessed beyond measure!  Enjoy the photos!!


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