Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We Have Arrived Safely at Nanchang!

We just arrived to Nanchang safely.  The flight was short but we had quite a bit of turbulence.  Noelle will officially became a Pahls tomorrow!!  I'm so elated, I'm not sure how much sleep we'll end up getting with all the excitement.  We are going to try get some sleep though because we need to be prepared for Noelle.  This is going to BIG day for all three of us - we'll finally be a family of 5!  Christian and Savannah we wish you could be here to enjoy this moment with us, but remember Mommy and Daddy love you so much!!  We promise to Skype sometime later Wednesday evening (Ohio time)!!

We are getting settled in our hotel and plan to have our new guide, Vivienne, take us to a local Walmart to get some bottled water and soda to have in our room.  Other than that, we are planning on resting and preparing for tomorrow.  Yeah!!!

We'll post sometime tomorrow after we get her and finish up all our appointments and things that we need to take care of - sounds like a busy day for us! 

Hugs from Nanchang,

Bobby and Heather


  1. Love your pictures and am eagerly awaiting your "gotcha" message too. Continuing to pray for you both in these final hours of preparation. Sending love and hugs from Canal Winchester.

  2. Yay we're so excited for you! It's so wonderful you had a day/night to get settled before Gotcha tomorrow! We had an hour! LOL! Praying for you guys and excited for your moment tomorrow.

  3. We only had about 10 minutes to settle into our room before we got Khloei. I am so excited for you guys. Praying it all goes smooth. I can't wait to meet Noelle. She is very blessed to have you guys.