Thursday, April 7, 2011

We Got A Smile!!

We've had a pretty good day today.  Some tears in the evening, but we are getting there.  We got a cute smile at breakfast and while we were out and about in Nanchang.  We are so much in love with her!!  She even used the potty for us once--though being fully potty trained may be while.  Today was kind of a low-key day, really just stayed around the hotel but did find a porcelin keepsake for Noelle for when she gets older.  Tomorrow it's off to Guangzhou and it will be her first flight in an airplane--keeping our fingers crossed for a peaceful trip :-)

Wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and comments on the blog posts, this has been a real encouragement to us while we're away from home.  Miss you all and we'll keep you updated as we continue this last leg of our journey through China!

Noelle eating breakfast at the hotel

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  1. She is just adorable, she looks like she is settling well with her new family. The smile is precious!!! I get on here and excited to see how things are going. She is kind of young to be fully potty trained, I think. Maybe she will be encouraged when she sees Savannah being a big girl. Praying for things to keep going smoothly for you. When do you had back home? Can't wait to meet her!!!