Friday, April 8, 2011

We are in Guangzhou!!

We made it safe and sound to Guangzhou!  Whew, what a long day it has been!  We enjoyed our time in Nanchang, but so thankful to be at Guangzhou.  We arrived around 5:45 pm and went to Lucy's (ahh, good old american comfort food!).  We then got back to the hotel and gave Noelle a nice relaxing lavendar bath and lotion and she's off in sleepy land.  We have an early start tomorrow morning, she has her medical exam for the US Consulate side of the adoption and she needs to get her picture taken for her Visa.  Then we get to relax and take it easy.  We'll probably come back to the hotel so she can get her nap in and then go out and explore the island here, it's simply beautiful. 

Noelle did amazing well on her first plane ride, it was about 1 1/2 hour long.  Of course this was all during her nap time, she tried to sleep and then we had to move and she was interrupted.  She's pretty tired, so I'm glad she's all nestled in for the evening.

Family at home, I'm trying to send emails to you as to when we can skype but I'm having trouble here at with internet connections.  Please be patient with us!!

Well, off to bed for us.  I think my cold has settled into my ears and I have an ear infection -- which makes the plane rides so much fun :0)  and Bobby seems to be developing a bit of bronchitis.  We are both starting to take our antibiotics and hope this will help. 

Hugs from Guanzhou...  sorry no pictures today.  Hopefully tomorrow!!

Bobby and Heather

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