Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Such a Joy!

We've explored the island a little more today and found a neat little shop that helps to support orphans.  They have the cutest little dolls (knitted) that we may go back for to get for Savannah and Noelle.  We had our normal Subway for lunch and Lucy's for dinner last night.  Near the Lucy's restaurant they have these beautiful trees that have beautiful blossoms that will come twirling down and they are beautiful.  Well, yesterday it caught Noelle's attention and we had some fun playing with them.  She's just so cute and has captured our hearts!!  I can't wait for everyone back home to meet her and see her little personaility.  She's very shy and timid at first, but she'll slowly come out of her shell for you.

Enjoy the pictures!!

Noelle discovered something new and had to check it out!

What are these pretty things??

Loves her Daddy!!

Still admiring those flowers!

So happy in Daddy's arms!

Hugs from Guangzhou,
Bobby, Heather and Noelle

PS Christian and Savannah - Mommy and Daddy miss you guys!  Not too much longer and we'll get to see you at the airport!!  Can't wait for my hugs!!!

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  1. That smile in her daddy's arms has me bawling. Can't wait to see my little girl's smile. Seeing yours makes the wait all that much sweeter. Praying you home.