Tuesday, April 26, 2011

She's Learning More and More!

Yesterday was our first day of our "normal" scheduled routine.  Daddy returned to work and we started our day like we normally do here at home. While doing schooling, she sat down with her big brother and big sister and wanted to be apart of all this too.  I gave her a piece of paper and she colored!!  I tried coloring with her in China as something "fun" to do and she wanted no part of it, apparently it's a fun thing now that she see's big bro and bis sis doing it!!  Yeah!

She wakes up with a smile and is full of smiles all day long, except for when she's ready for a nap and bed - but fights that big time.  Over the weekend, she started to give kisses.  Big sis got the first one planted on her nose, but she soon got it down pat.  She's smoothering us with her kisses.  She also learned how to blow her first kiss.  Yesterday we noticed she's trying to learn to "blow" like her hot food and then it led to trying to get her lips to blow raspberries (that's what we call them anyhow, not sure how to properly word that one).  The kids and I were in stiches watching her do this, she was so proud of her self and we were cheering her on all while getting a spitty bath ourselves. 

While in China she very much disliked bath time, but  now that we are home she LOVES baths!  Last night, Daddy was getting the girls' bath water ready and she was ready to take her clothes off and get in!  All giggles and grins, what a pure blessing from above!

Sorry no pictures today!  More will be coming soon!!

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Sounds like she is settling in beautifully as part of your family. Wonderful news.