Thursday, April 14, 2011

One Less!

Noelle Grace Si Ye Pahls is no longer an orphan!!  One less orphan in the world!

Little stink pot refused to sleep last night, so none of us slept all that well.  I think she's starting to grieve again at bedtime, which is not uncommon.  It's healthly to go this grieving process, but it doesn't mean its easy on the kiddo or the parents.  Our hearts just ache and want to comfort her the best way possible to get through this transition.

We got ready bright and early to get to our U.S. Consulate appointment this morning.  It was really quite simple and easy.  All of the families that were scheduled at the same time pledged their oath then we waited for each family to be called up to a little window.  Sorry, no cameras allowed for this trip, so we didn't get any pictures taken.  They did a picture check with our passport photos and then allowed Noelle and I to go play with the other children while Daddy took care of the paperwork.  Funny, I did most of the paperwork prior to traveling and Daddy got to do the paperwork during the trip - such a great Daddy!  Noelle will receive her official visa tomorrow afternoon and we are permitted to leave after we get that visa.  No planes are scheduled out on Friday afternoon or evening, so we'll rise EARLY Saturday morning to make our trek home--Yeah!!  We couldn't wait to get here to our girl and thought the day would never come, but now that we have her we are so anxious to get home!! 

After we arrived back at the hotel, we decided to come back to the room and crash for a few hours!  We were all exhausted from not sleeping much the night before.  We then woke up and decided to get some lunch and walk around the island.  You guessed it, Subway (again)!  However, we decided to find a park bench and have a little picnic lunch - which was fun!!  We walked around the island some more while Noelle drifted off into nappy land.  We decided to browse the hotel grounds more and found the pools.  There was some tables and chairs under the palm trees near the swimming pool, so we sat back and relaxed while little Miss was taking it easy in the shade getting her beauty rest.  It was very pleasant and relaxing!  Noelle woke up and we decided to head back to the room for some playtime fun, she really enjoys playing in our room now.  She used to cry when we'd enter our hotel room.  Around 6:00 pm, we decided we should probably get dinner at Lucy's (again).  That was our day in a nutshell.  We have a few last minute shopping runs to do tomorrow and then finish up our packing and hit the hay early!  Good ol' USA here we come!!!  Can't wait to see our kids and all our family and friends back home!!

Hugs from Guangzhou,

Bobby, Heather & Noelle


  1. Enjoy your last days! Noelle looks like she is doing well. Praying for safe travels home!

  2. As I read your last post, it is Saturday morning in China and you are beginning your journey home!! I am praying for your flight and so excited that you are coming to OHIO. :) Blessings on your family in these sacred days!!!

  3. "Noelle Grace Si Ye Pahls is no longer an orphan!!

    One less orphan in the world!"

    (gulp, sniff) Love it!