Friday, April 8, 2011

Medical Exam Today

Today was the non-fun day for Noelle.  We had to take her to get her physical exams done and TB test for the US consulate appointment.  It was pretty easy, but it's never easy getting a shot (TB test).  We walked and explored the island some and purchased a stroller - she seems to enjoy riding in one and it's givimg my arms a break.  She's a little peanut but after awhile you really notice the weight.  We visited Jordan's shop today and got a few things and we'll definitely be back there as the week goes by.  Here's some photos of our adventure today.  Noelle dosed off for an early nap, so we are keeping it low key at the hotel right now.  Enjoy the photos!!  Guangzhou is much more enjoyable for us, the traffic is way less crazy and we feel comfortable adverturing out without our guide!! 

It's pretty warm and very humid here.

Hugs from Guangzhou!!

Patiently Waiting on Mommy and Daddy to go get breakfast

Yummy  - I LOVE yogurt! 

No fun - Noelle getting her TB test

Jordan made this sign for us with Noelle's name for free - we plan to go back and
get Christian and Savannah's names written out too!  We loved this shop!!

The White Swan Hotel gives all adoption families a
Barbie holding a little China baby - wonderful keepsake for Noelle!

Fast asleep after the busy morning!!  As soon as she wakes up we're going to the play room!!

Bobby, Heather and Noelle


  1. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date! Praying for you all and love imagining myself there. You will have to post all the must do's when you are home. She's a doll!

  2. That's the same Barbie I sold on ebay for almost $400.00. It was an extra one. My girls still have theirs. Every once in a while I see Tom look at them like he is contemplating selling them...NOT!