Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Sorry for not posting sooner, we've just simply been exhausted!!  This jet lag thing is no fun when coming home.  We're slowly working through it and taking it one day at a time. 

The evening we arrived home, we ordered pizza since it was so late.  It was so nice to have our family of five all around the table.  Noelle gets excited when it's time to get in her booster chair - that means food!  She actually ate some pizza that evening for us!!  She's sleeping pretty well for us, although we've had a few interruptions last night with the tornado warnings, etc..  

Noelle is doing very well and starting to adjust to her new family.  While in China she was quiet for us and only started opening up more right before we left.  Well now that we are home, she's a lot more outgoing and very vocal!  She's started saying "Mama" and holds her hands up for Mommy to pick her up and we thought we heard a "Dada" today when she put her hands up for Daddy to pick her up.  I ran to the store to pick up a few items earlier this afternoon and left all the kiddos with Daddy.  She was eating lunch and fell asleep at the table.  Daddy didn't capture the picture (sorry!). 

I'm thankful that Bobby decided to take rest of this week off.  I couldn't imagine him returning to work today - we've been taking turns with naps to help balance out getting some rest from the jet lag.

Please keep checking in!  We'll be posting more as well as the Gotcha video as we go along!  Enjoy the photos!

Celebrating everyone home with pizza

Getting the grand tour and receiving her presents that Christian and Savannah bought for her

Playing with her new piggy - LOVES this toy!

Noelle's 1st McDonald's Happy Meal in USA!

Our beautiful children modeling their new chinese outfits!


 Little Hams!
Handsome son!

Little protector during the storm, while we camped out in the living room during severe weather

We are just so much in awe that she's finally home with us and we all love her very much!! 

Bobby, Heather, Christian, Savannah and Noelle


  1. In tears seeing her with her brother and sister. God is so good to place the lonely in families. Blessings as you adjust to a new daughter and get to know everything about her.

  2. So cute! I've been checking in, praying everyone is adjusting well. I bet it is so nice to have your family all together in the same house. I love their chinese outfits. Noelle looks so tiny! Just adorable, so glad things are going well. Can't wait to see you and meet Noelle. Are you going to try church on Sunday? Take care, keep us excited for your blessing. So cool!

  3. This is Paula, Robert. I wish you and Heather many blessings as you continue to grow with your family. Thank you for sharing this with me because it has blessed me. I'm glad you all are back home safely with family and friends. :o)

  4. You have a BEAUTIFUL family! :o)

    I'll see you when you return to work. Paula