Sunday, April 3, 2011

Experiencing Real China - Day 2

Today was a great day, and although we are both pretty tired it was good!  We attempted to sleep in a little but we were up by 6 am.  It is now about 7:30 pm and are feeling the full side affects of the dreaded jet lag!! I'm still struggling with my head cold and I think the airplane ride made it a little worse, I'm taking the cold medicine I brought - I need to get feeling better before we get Noelle!!

We met our guide, Angela, who is the most sweetest person I've met!  She greeted us at the hotel lobby at 10:00 am and we adventured out for about 2 hours drive with the crazy traffic - I need a pair of blinders!  Before we got to the Great Wall-Mutianyu we decided to eat lunch at a place called Dayali (Big Pear), it was authentic Chinese food and it was rather tasty. The Great Wall - absolutely beautiful!!  We rode a lift up and walked some of the wall and then we rode a toboggan down the Great Wall!  Yes, Bobby went first so he could make the mad dash to the finish line and yes, I was the Grandma on the ride - it was fun, but a little nerve racking!  I had all these Chinese men yelling at me to go faster...  Now that I've done it once, the second time round I'd be much more comfortable with the ride and know what to expect.  After we left the Great Wall we came back and decided to have an easy dinner - McDonald's.  We were dropped off to our hotel to relax.  Well, with having this head cold I can't get enough liquids in me -- Bobby says I'm a water buffalo for this trip.  We definitely needed more water to have available for us to drink, so Bobby called Angela and asked her where we can purchase our bottled water.  She told us the name of the store (which was across the street) and we decided to take the chance.  It's a mission impossible feeling just crossing the street here in China - crazy!!  Cars come from every direction and honk like crazy!! 

Dayali - Big Pear (well known restaurant)

Bobby and Heather at Dayali

Heather and Angela (our guide)

Heather and Bobby at the Great Wall

Can't you tell the excitement in Bobby -- whee!!  While I'm a little nervous!

Well, I'm attaching some pictures for you to enjoy!  We're off to sleepy land - hoping to catch up on much needed rest as tomorrow is a busy, busy day starting at 8 am - 10 pm.  We'll try and update more tomorrow on our trip.  Only 3 days until we get Noelle!!  Can't wait!!!

Bobby and Heather


  1. Great pictures! So glad you had a great day of touring! Praying you feel better.

  2. Too Funny! I've been to two different sections of the Great Wall and never took the sleds! Last time we walked quite a long way along the wall and took a cable car back down. Trust me, the sled was probably safer! Glad you are enjoying the traffic...where lanes are a mere suggestion!