Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 6 with Precious Noelle!

We can hardly believe that Noelle's been with us for six days now and she seems like she's been with us forever!  We had her TB test read today and it turned out okay.  We then just browsed around the island soaking in the sun - it got into the low 90's here!  I'm enjoying this time in China, but I'll be ever so glad to get home to our washer and dryer!  I've tried to wash some clothes, but they still feel dirty to me.  Only a few more days to go, we'll manage!  Noelle is worth every step of the way!!

She loves to eat!!  We take her to breakfast and dinner and she's bouncing in her seat with excitement!  I can't get the food in her fast enough.  Today, she's started feeding herself with a spoon and drinking out of her sippy cup all by herself!  Huge steps!!  I know these seem like very basic things, but for a child coming out of an orphanage setting these are huge!!  Her walking is improving more each day too!  She's our little shadow in our hotel room.  Daddy has been the one to fix her ni ni (bottle), so she watches him like a hawk and follows him all around the room while he's preparing her bottle.  She loves her milk hot, and she downs in within a matter of minutes!  We took her to the little park in the island today and she loved the slide!  I know she's going to love our play set back at home!!  She even has her own special little swing, that I know we'll get much use out of too!  We continue to see many smiles and giggles.  Although, night time is starting to get a little tougher on all three of us - with much patience we'll get through it! 

Here's a few pictures from today, hope you enjoy!!  Can't wait to see everyone back home!!  Miss you all dearly!!  Sending extra special hugs to Christian and Savannah!!  Mommy and Daddy miss you guys so much!!  Only 5 more sleepovers at Grandma & Grandpa's and we'll be home!! 

Eating breakfast at the White Swan

 We're trying to get her picture with the little children statues but she only wanted mama!  Aww!!

Being silly with her new toy!

Priceless!!  Just melts my heart!

Busy playing with all her toys we brought her in her backpack!!  She's very curious and smart!!

A rare treat for me!  Starbucks on a very hot day!!

Bobby, Heather and Noelle

PS Kathy & Jody, We've looked all over the island and can't find the Italian restaurant - the building we think it use to be located at is currently under construction :( 

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  1. Heather, Love seeing that beautiful girl's smile! I am pretty sure the Italian restaurant closed last year. It wasn't open when we were there in July! Have a fun last few days!

    Kari C. (WCF mama)