Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 5 with Noelle!!

Today was the 5th day with our little sweetie and she's doing great!!  Her little personality is coming out more each day - she's quite the little stinker too!  She's going to get along so well with her big brother and big sister!  Today was pretty low key, we actually will have quite a few of these days because we have to wait for our US Consulate appointment which is scheduled for Thursday.  Tomorrrow we go and have her TB test checked, it looks good so far, so I think that should be okay.  Then rest of the day is free!  We are enjoying this time bonding with Noelle and getting out and about a little.  So far we've been eating breakfast at the White Swan, then lunch at Subway and then dinner at Lucy's.  Thanks for the information on the Italian restaurant Jody & Kathy, I'm going to sweet talk Bobby into eating somewhere other than Lucy's tomorrow night.  Noelle is continuing to eat and sleep well for us, which we are very blessed!  Later this afternoon, we met three other American families in the playroom here at the White Swan and that was so nice to have some common folk to talk with especially since we are traveling by ourselves and have no other families with us.  We are  trying to space out our shopping because we still have about 5 full days that are pretty much open and that's all there is to do here on the island is shop, walk and eat. 

After Noelle's TB reading we are going to treat ourselves to Starbucks! 

Here's a few pictures of our little bundle of joy.  She's just simply amazing, I know I sound like a broken record but she's really doing great for us and each day is getting even better!!  She's even going to Daddy some for me more, which is good!  She's walking, but still a little wobbly.  We assume she's sat in the walker a lot at the orphanage so we are trying to build up her mucsle tone in her little legs by practicing walking and going up and down the stairs here at the hotel.  She was getting tired today and motioned for Mama to pick her up and then we were going down stairs and just started giggling -- yes, she's got us wrapped around her little finger! 

Precious little piggies!!  Check out her new little Squeaky Shoes!

New cookies to try, not to sure about them or not - in the end she loved them!!

Nap time / cuddle time with Mama!! 

Goodnight from Guangzhou!

Bobby, Heather and Noelle

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  1. LOVING the pictures you're posting and the stories of each day's activities. I'm so glad she's getting settled so quickly. Hang in there! It's almost time to come home! Hugs from chilly and rainy Canal Winchester! Boo.