Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Celebrating One Week with Noelle Today!

McDonald's in Guangzhou off the island

 Noelle sampling her first chicken nugget

Watch out world!!  Thanks for the handy tip Tom and Kathy!!

Being silly and playing our new game!  She'd roll over, get up and come running into my arms!


Papa John's pizza, a little slice of home :0)

I'm just in awe that our precious daughter has been with us for a week now.  She has totally blessed us!!  Today we started out with our usual breakfast routine at the White Swan, then we decided to stroll about the island on a little special "hunt" for a special find.  We ended our walk around 12:30 pm, and Noelle was all conked out.  So we headed to the hotel for a little nap for all of us!  We then woke up feeling refreshed and ready to be adventurous.  With the help of our pastor and his wife, we got the courage to adventure off the island (gasp!).  We were fine and survived!!  We went to McDonald's to try something different and it was fun.  A little nerve racking not having a guide with us when trying to hail a cab.  The folks here are not shy at cutting in front of you in line.  Bobby was just about ready to jump in front of a cab just to get one after waiting for nearly 20 minutes and everyone cutting in front of us.  We finally figured out the system and tag teamed...and victory was ours!!  He waited a little ways down and I was a little further down to ensure we'd catch the cab without someone else grabbing it first.  This is really out of our comfort zone! But we did it and I'm proud of ourselves!  Probably will not do it again without a guide.  We wouldn't make it on that show Amazing Race. 

Tomorrow is an important day for us!  We have our US Consulate Appointment at 8 :30 a.m., so we need to rise and shine early to get breakfast and out the door by 7:20 a.m.  This is where we'll finish the US side of the adoption and Friday we'll receive Noelle's visa!!  She'll be an official US citizen as soon as her little feet touch US soil in Chicago on Saturday!! 

So updates on Noelle.  Today we ended up staying in the hotel most of the afternoon and bonded.  She was discovering so many things today and was so happy!  We've made up some silly games and she'd do it over and over again.  What a blessing to have this precious girl in our forever family!! 

Enjoy the photos of today.  Oh, for dinner we opted for something different tonight.  We ordered Papa John's pizza and Bobby got a sub from Subway.  Oh my goodness, that pizza hit the spot!!  We don't eat pizza much as I usually make homemade pizza and this was a special treat!!  Noelle is not a fan of pizza yet, but she'll eventually get there. 

Two more full days here in Guangzhou and then we're heading home.. I'm already organizing our bags, can you tell I'm anxious to get home to my other kiddos -- missing them something awful!!  We haven't been able to Skype with them due to schedule conflicts and the 12 hour time zone difference, makes it a little difficult at times. 

Hugs from Guangzhou!

Bobby, Heather and Noelle


  1. What a fun day and cracking up at the image of you & Bobby hailing a cab despite all the "cutters." I wouldn't do well there either. I guess we're all too polite. Excited that your trip is coming to close. Home will feel so good! Almost there!

    Oh, and it was actually sunny here ALL day today! Wonder of wonders! The sound of lawn mowers was the backdrop of sound in our neighborhood today.

    Hugs to the 3 of you!

  2. Loving your pictures and stories. Noelle looks so happy with her new family. I bet you are missing your kiddos, I am sure they are missing you as well. I can't believe Noelle has been with you for a week now. Is she talking at all or trying? I am so excited to meet her. Take care and keep us posted!!!