Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Visas Received!!

No news on the adoption front yet.  However, we did receive our passports with visas for our trip!!  Yay!  One little step of encouragement that we are getting closer to our baby girl. 

Our kids keep talking about Noelle, they are so excited to play with her.  Our oldest daughter already has a game of playing Mommy and Baby already arranged - we'll see how that goes ;)  I just can't wait for her to join our family!!  I'm missing her something awful today!!  We'll just need to be patient not too much longer!  Here's a picture of her that many may not have seen yet - thanks to my friends that had the opportunity to be with her this past summer.  Doesn't she look so lonely?  

I wonder if they are allowing her hair to grow??  I'm anxious to put all kinds of hair bows, etc...  (if she'll permit them, our oldest daughter wanted nothing to do with the hair stuff until now!!).  Can you tell we are anxious?



  1. She is so beautiful. Can't wait to see her in your arms. Know what is like to miss them.. Praying her home.

  2. She just takes my breath away, absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on you TA!!!!! Your are soooooo close now!