Saturday, March 26, 2011

Packing, packing and more packing!!

We are getting ready to start packing this weekend, we can hardly believe the time is almost here!  We are hoping to get most of the stuff packed (as much as we can anyway), so we can spend some quality time with our children before leaving.  This whole packing strategy is very interesting...  so much to think about while working with different airlines and countries - everyone has different rules about luggage and we need to figure out a plan to make it work w/o having to pay extra for luggage (I'm determined!).  We are trying our best to bring a light load of stuff - it's tricky, but I'm all about a good challenge!

I feel guilty for not bringing our children on the trip (6 &4) with us as it's once in a life time, but it would be so costly and I feel they may be too young to endure the long flight.  We feel we'll need these next two weeks to attach and bond with Noelle, as her whole world is going to be changed.  Imagine the only thing she's ever known was the orphanage life, she's going to embark on many experiences just while we are in China and many more when we get home! 

Better sign off here, there's packing to get done!

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