Saturday, March 12, 2011

Celebrating A Major Milestone with Grandparents

We decided that when we finally got our TA, we were going to celebrate with the grandparents!!  We've been through the long haul and it's a great reason to celebrate!  We enjoyed a lovely lunch at Olive Garden!  We even splurged -- Daddy bought everyone dessert!  What a nice suprise!!

Here were are all together, the waitress was super nice!  She was adopted from Guatemala and thanked us for adopting a child from another country.  She said, you won't believe the difference you have made in her life. 

The Celebration Gang!

Here's the kiddos being silly, playing waiter and waitress!

Kiddos and grandparents (Heather's parents)

Kiddos and grandparents (Bobby's parents)

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