Thursday, March 31, 2011

Can You Believe It, Only One More Day!!!

Last night, we had an amazing meal delivered to us by one of our dear friends!  I think she’s secretly Barefoot Contessa!!  It was so nice to have a scrumptious, warm meal and I didn’t have to worry about fixing dinner as well as packing…  Thank you my friend, we love you guys!!

Not a whole lot more to report today – it’s just going to be a super busy day as we triple check off our lists and run the last few errands before our BIG day tomorrow.  The kids are getting super excited to stay with both sets of grandparents, so that really makes me feel at ease!  We are going to Skype with them any chance we can so they can see and interact with Noelle. 

This whole journey has blessed us in so many ways!  Through this journey, I’ve come to know some individuals that I’m so proud to call my friends.  They’ve been here for us through the ups and downs.  Encouragement is so important for families that go through this process and I’m forever grateful for the encouragement from my friends – you know who you are!! 

Everything is more finalized each day, it’s so neat to know we are just days away from getting our girl!  We are blessed to have been chosen to heed the calling to adopt a precious little child.  As of April 6th, Noelle Grace will be one less orphan!!



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  1. SOOO excited for you all! Can't wait to see your sweet girl in your arms!