Saturday, March 5, 2011

Babes in Toy Land

First before we start in the mountains of toys that we sorted through this afternoon, let me tell you of our wonderful adventure of home ownership.  Originally, we thought we'd paint the bedroom this weekend, but it just wasn't top on the priority this week :( however, there's hope for next weekend!  We decided as a family that we needed to sort through our mounds of toys and organize the basement/play room.  My husband went down before we started to check out what we needed to do and where to start.  Well, thankfully he discovered that we had a small leak from our incoming main water line - yikes!  We think it was water coming into the conduit which was coming from the ground outside with all the rain we've had over the past few days.  Once again, my dad came to help us out - he's quite the handy man!  We rigged up a very sophisticated contraption as it involves a garden hose and funnel to have the leak drain in another location to avoid a huge mess.  It has finally stopped leaking, so we are going to wait for the rain to stop and let it dry up real good and seal around the valve within the conduit and hope that this will fix it all!

On to Babes In Toy Land, my oh my, do we ever have toys!  We have been blessed with many friends and family that just love to bless our children with toys!  Needless to say, they were taking over our basement/playroom and we needed to sort through some of it to tame it down a tad bit.  We had the kiddos participate and decide which can be thrown away (broken toys that couldn't be repaired), donation toys and keep toys.  It was good, we got through it in about two hours - whew!!  First we had the kids make the decision on the toys, then they filtered through Mommy and then it was filtered through Daddy.  He had to deal with the negotiations, thankful I got out of that job!!  We did consider the toys that we felt that Noelle will enjoy when she comes home that are age appropriate and so we kept a majority of those too! I just can't wait to see how she reacts to our home, I hope she feels safe, loved and nurtured!

No updates on the adoption front, but from following other adoptive families that are around the same timeline as us and they have been getting their TA's (travel approvals), so we are very hopeful to possibly hear something this coming week.  Please keep praying!! 

The kids and I went grocery shopping this week and found a great bargain that this momma couldn't turn down!  A local grocery store had some luggage marked 50% off!  While, it wasn't really necessary to get the kids luggage, they were so cute and I knew it would help with the adjustment of Mommy and Daddy being away in China.  They would have the excitement of packing their bags too!  We got the girls the same style and our son picked up a cool one quite fitting for a grand young man.  They were so proud of them, they wheeled them all through the store.

I'll try to post pictures of the girls' room tomorrow, I haven't had a chance to take pictures and I don't want to wake up little Miss right now.

Have a good evening,


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