Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is Our Dog "Thinking Chinese"???

See this precious little puppy...  8 years ago, cute as a button, right??  This is Oliver (aka Olly, Olly-bean, Olly-O,  Bing Bang, Sock Monstrosity, Beagle Bear, Cutey Patootie, the list goes on and on his nick names change daily...)

This once cute little puppy is now older and has decided to live his time in China time (days and nights are reversed).  This momma isn't too keen on this but I secretly think he's trying to prepare me for our upcoming trip and the possible sleep issues when we first get home.  Silly dog!!  We love him dearly, but REALLY?  Let me sleep!!

Can't wait to get him on his regular walking schedule once the weather breaks--I think that will help alot!!  He hardly makes it around the block, so lazy...  I remember after I had the kids, I tried to walk 2 miles most days to help shed the baby weight and it was so embarrasing to take dear Oliver along.  I ended up having to put him in the bottom of the stroller for a good portion of the walk because he was too tired.  Majorly spoiled pooch!!

Hope you enjoyed the Olly humor as we wait for an update...  The girls' room is almost there!!  Hopefully will have some pics posted sometime this weekend!!! 

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