Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blessed with Friends

Last night we had some friends over for a mexican themed dinner and it was delicious!  I made enchiladas and a mexican pizza.  A brought a wonderful mexican salad!!  We later made a raw apple pie, so yummy!!  I love trying to prepare new dishes and having good friends and fellowship too! 

Seems like our husbands, become little boys again and get very silly!  My face and stomach hasn't hurt that like that for a LONG time.  Good times!!

We are still working on the girls' room - almost there!  Waiting on Noelle's mattress to come in and I'm looking for the little final touches to add to it but it's super cute!  I like to say that it's a room fit for 2 princesses.  I wish I had a room that pretty when I was a little girl!  There will soon be pictures, I promise!!

After we get the girls' room I'm anxiously waiting for my hubby to help me with our bedroom.  I want to paint it and we already have the paint, it's just always got put on the backburner for 10 years!  We love to do little home projects like this together, so we have that to look forward to in a few weeks too :0)  Which is good because it's keeping our minds off of the "waiting" for TA.  I figured that once we get home with Noelle, it'll be a little harder to work on projects like this for while since we'll have a two year old that we need to keep an eye on! 

Today, my hubby and Dad was able fix my hubby's car.  He's been driving the "tanzer tank" for quite some time and they were able to replace the wheel barring and that was it, he's got his car back to normal!  Thank goodness!  We are blessed that my Dad is so handy with automechanics and able to help steer us in the right direction.

We are getting excited and trying to get everything in good shape before we travel :0)

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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