Monday, January 10, 2011

We Have a LOA!!

We were getting ready to head out of town the for the later part of the evening to pay respects to my dear aunt that recently passed away suddenly and I thought I would quickly check our email before we left.  There it was -- Congratulations on LOA!  This was music to our ears and one awesome birthday gift to this momma!  We have a few more baby steps to get through and we'll finally have her in our arms! 

Here's the next steps:

I-800 Immigration Approval (takes 2-3 weeks)
Article 5 (2-3 weeks)
TA (Travel Approval  4-5 weeks)

We are hoping it's probably going to be sometime in March when we travel but please keep visiting us here to see the latest news and updates.
Bobby, Heather and kiddos

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