Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just Checking In...

We haven't received any updates yet, so we will continue to be patient :0)  We did hear back from the gal that we are using from a company that will send care packages for us from China.  We wanted to send Noelle a birthday cake, little outfit and a letter for her birthday to let her know we are thinking of her and love her so much! 

We received a little picture of the outfit she will receive and hopefully we'll receive some updated photos of our little angel enjoying her birthday cake.  We probably won't see any of these pictures until after Christmas, since her birthday is December 24th, but it's still something to look forward to while we patiently wait for more updates from CCAA. 

Every time I turn on the radio (which is a lot because I LOVE Christmas music!), I almost always hear various songs singing Noel and it makes me smile!  It's like when you get a car (new/used) and all of a sudden you notice everyone else driving the same style and even color everywhere you look.  The other evening the kiddos and I were heading to church for dress rehearsal and our little girl said "Mommy, we need to get Noelle really quick because she's crying and wants us to come get her!"  It just broke my heart, I wish it was that easy and I know the kids are just so anxious to have her home to love on and play with.  I can't even imagine how fun Christmas will be next year at this time!! 

As we all get busy with hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, please remember the real meaning of Christmas.  Jesus is the Reason for the Season!  It's so sad to see everything be so commercialized and materialized and the meaning of Christmas being stripped.  This year we are focusing on 3 gifts for each child, just like the 3 gifts that Jesus received when he was born.  Our kids will not be deprived from a wonderful Christmas, we just feel that they are at an age now that we want them to realize that the importance of Christmas is honoring Jesus' birthday most importantly!!

This will be a wonderful day of making some buckeyes and truffles with my sister-in-law!  Have a wonderful day and stay warm!!


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