Friday, November 5, 2010

Noelle's 1st Care Package

We just sent a little care package out to Noelle this week.  It consisted of a letter to the caregivers at her orphanage introducing ourselves and explaining that we hoping to travel early next year to bring her home.  The care package was simple, it had a little photo album for her with pictures of Mommy (MaMa), Daddy (BaBa), Big Brother (GeGe), Big Sister (JieJie) and the maternal and paternal grandparents, her soon to be forever home and of course, Oliver.  The package will also consists of candy and nuts for the nanny and children in her room at the orphanage to enjoy too!  See the attached picture of the goodies she'll receive.

We heard that she should receive it at the orphanage on Monday!  So we hope that brings a little smile to her face, seeing the pictures of her forever family.

We'll keep everyone posted as we hear more, hoping to hear from our agency next week that our dossier has been couriered to CCAA.

Bobby and Heather

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