Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another Major Milestone Completed!

Whew, what a week! We needed to provide some updates to keep our blog up-to-date. Yesterday we received our approval from Immigration (yahoo!), so we were able to send our dossier in to our agency today! This is a huge milestone for us and now the waiting period really begins, it's so much tougher because we already have our referral and we have to wait for all the paperwork to be processed and all the other little detailed steps before we can bring her home. It's been said that adopting from China takes someone with great patience, so we'll continue to be patient.

I'm including a photo of all the paperwork that we've had to process over the last 7 months, to look at it doesn't seem like all that much. Please know that beyond every precious paper has been a special step and a very detailed process (they had to each be notarized, then county certified and then State Certified). I've treked the kiddos all over three different counties to different courthouses and the Secretary of State office - great learning opportunities and much fun. All the courthouses are unique and have something special about them. I think the kiddos enjoyed the Franklin County Courthouse today, as we had to visit the Law Library - they thought it was cool and of course, they loved riding all the elevators. We then spent a LONG time at Kinko's making all the necessary copies of the State Certified Dossier and then shipped it off via overnight mail. Our agency should get it tomorrow morning and will begin processing the translation so they can get it sent out to China. We are still looking at traveling around February/March with the given timeline that our agency has provided. We know that our God is bigger and if it's His plan, she'll be home sooner. We are just leaving it in His hands right now.

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