Tuesday, August 3, 2010

No Prayer too Small

We've had a slight technology "issue" over the past couple of days. It all happened yesterday evening when our computer managed to get a virus and it was not working at all. This morning I was phoning different places, people that we know that are IT experts and of course, my good ol' brother! Thanks to my brother, we were able to fix our computer and not have to shell out major $$. At first, we didn't think that it was going to work for us, because the computer wasn't allowing us to install anything and then blue screened! We decided that we'll probably have to take it to a local business place and have it repaired and pay $200 to fix it (this is the estimate we were quoted). In the mean time, I had dinner on warm and said let's turn the computer off and have dinner. Before dinner, we of course had our family prayer and we even asked to help us with our computer - remember there's nothing bigger than God!! During dinner, I had a brainstorm and I went and found the recovery disks that we created when we purchased our computer. When we turned the computer back on to go that route we discovered that all the virus issues that were there before were gone and seemed back to normal. So we decided to utilize the disk that my brother gave us to find this ugly virus and it worked!! We had 2 viruses and were able to dispose of them! Everything seems to be working just fine now and we are so grateful!!

Please remember, God even answers the smallest prayers, all we need to do is bring them to Him!!

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