Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sea of Paperwork

Bobby here,

Having made the decision to adopt a little girl from China sometime last year, we knew there would be paperwork, of course. Since then, it has been paperwork, paperwork, and did I mention... paperwork. Not complaining by any means, understandably you would expect a lot when making a life-changing decision. While there has been much to do, we've been pleasantly surprised at how quickly things have moved along in this phase of the process (based upon what we've been told)--much in thanks to a lot of the hard work Heather has done to ensure a smooth process. Overall, we've also been happy with the adoption agency we've been working through, All God's Children International.

We're currently waiting on the completion of our home study report, which is a significant portion of the documentation that goes into our dossier (sounds like [dos-ee-ay]). After the home study report is finalized, we'll move forward with completing immigration paperwork. After that is completed, from what we understand, we'll be able to begin receiving referrals. A referral is when we receive a child's profile and any available photos. The child referral process is done by the adoption agency based upon an array of matching and compatibility criteria.

I believe we still have another 6 - 12 months before bringing her home (Heather's more optimistic). As we continue to make progress, we'll keep everyone posted! Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

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