Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Field Trip - Slate Run Historical Farm

Today was an off day for Mommy! I have been feeling a little under the weather by fighting a cold or allergies (not sure which one!), so I decided that both Mommy and kiddos needed a break from being cooped in the house. In school, we will begin studying some barn yard animals so I thought it would be nice to utilize the Historical Farm at Slate Run Park, just to get some fresh air and learn about animals. Although, we visit often because we are blessed to live so close it’s always a nice treat to experience the way of life back in the 1800’s. Call me crazy, but I would love it… Okay, maybe not the hot dresses and no a/c, but I love the simplicity of everything! Yes, it’s hard work, but with that hard work is so much reward – the true fruit of your labor! It’s sort of nostalgic for me, because this is the way of life that my father was raised. No, they didn’t wear that type of clothing, but my Grandfather farmed in a similar fashion that they do at the Historical Farm and I love to hear all the stories when my father lived on the farm. One day, I vision us having a small plot of land so that we can garden and raise animals and yes, we’d have horses of course!! Not just work horses, but horses that can be ridden!! It’s a dream that I will continue to dream and hopefully one day pursue!! Until then, I can visit our local Slate Run and the Historical Farm. Earlier in the spring, we went there with our friends, Cheryl, Ava and Rediet (they have recently left for Ethiopia and we miss them!) but there was little baby lambs born – so cute and fuzzy! Today we saw those little lambs and my goodness, have they grown! We talked with one of the volunteers there and he verified that they were the same lambs, weighing in a whooping 69 lbs. So the kids thought that was pretty cool too! There was also a baby calf born on June 16, 2010 named “Chuck”, what a cutie pie!! He was born on Bobby and I’s 9th Wedding Anniversary – aww, how special!!

I’ll attach some picture of our adventure today and hope you enjoy! I wish that I had the picture of the little lambs earlier in the spring, but I don’t… I would have loved to shown the comparison of them from then and now.. I’ll post the picture of our friends and our kiddos on the trip to the farm earlier this spring – absolutely love this pic!!

Enjoy and Love,

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