Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cute Story to Share

On Friday, we were focusing on "Oo" for Octopus and in the science portion we discussed all the ocean creatures that God created. I printed out a blank black and white outlined map of the world for my son to color the oceans to see how much water is on the Earth. He thought this way cool and was a little too tired to color all of that so he outlined the map with a blue marker. While we were looking at the map, I thought I would explain again where we live and how far it is to China (this is where his sister is located and he can't wait for her to come live with us to be a forever family!). He's pretty comical, I drew a red dash mark to show him the distance and we counted the dashes and he exclaimed, "Wow, Mommy that's a long, long way!". He said that when you and Daddy get on the airplane to bring her home, you need to talk to the airplane driver and make sure he goes super fast so your faces will look like this (well, can't type the gesture he made but it sorta reminded me of someone parachuting off an airplane! Too cute!! I'm going to try and post the pic of the map that we discussed so you can enjoy too! I love my kiddos!!

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